"Simply Made"

Handmade with essential oils and other natural, wholesome ingredients, our skin care products are homemade with love and care. 

"Simply Made For Your Un-simple Life."

**Due to the COVID-19, I cannot take any massage clients as I work out of my home. So, I have refocused on starting my product line and tarot/oracle readings in the mean time. All products are handmade, homemade, and natural.**

As time goes,  new products will be added. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates on new product releases.

If you would like a custom made order, "simply" contact us and we will send you an invoice and ship out your order or if you are local to Las Vegas, we can schedule a contact free delivery.

We now have merchandise on Shopify! 


Disclaimer: these products are made for external use only and are not for internal use.


Give your lips something to smack about! In either a balm, gloss, or scrub, pamper your lips with the love they deserve. Lickable blends that will leave your lips soft, kissable and smooth.

This season's blend is Luscious Lavender and Perky Peppermint.

5ml Balm 

10ml Roll on Gloss 

ingredients: lavender and peppermint essential oils, vitamin e oil (natural preservative), fractionated coconut oil, lip gloss base...balm also includes: beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

Lip Scrub 

Current Blend is Lemon/Lime - ingredients: sugar, baking soda, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, lemon and lime essential oils... can be followed by lip balm or lip gloss


Get ready to show your skin some love. A little goes a long way when you can pamper yourself at home or on the go. With our body butter and scrubs, you can rejuvenate and re-moisturize while relaxing with our aromatic blends.

This season's blend is refreshing Lemon/ Lime, whipped into a shea butter dream with slight floral accents. 

1 oz. Body Butter  

4 oz. Body Butter  

ingredients: shea butter and cocoa butter, chamomile, jasmine and lavender, tea tree, and on-guard essential oils, vitamin e oil (natural preservative), coconut oil.

1 oz. Body Scrub  

4 oz. Body Scrub 

ingredients: sugar, baking soda, coconut oil, lemon and lime, jasmine and lavender, tea tree, and on-guard essential oils, vitamin e oil (natural preservative), grape seed oil, and/or olive oil.

8 oz. Calming Body Soak Tea 

ingredients: epsom salt, himalayan salt, dried safflower(saffron), dried chamomile, seven blossom loose leaf tea, dried rose buds, lindell tea leaves, tea tree, lavender, frankincense, oregano essential oils, and vitamin e oil (natural preservative).

8 oz. Salty Sugar Coffee Scrub 

ingredients: coffee grounds, sugar, coconut oil, tea tree, on guard, frankincense, and lavender essential oils, epsom salt and vitamin e oil (natural preservative).

Body Oil 

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, vitamin e oil, peppermint, tea tree, on guard, frankincense, and lavender essential oils

Specially made to help sooth skin irritation and control chaffing **this is my personal account of what this product helps me with, ei: my own personal experience with this oil blend**


*By Special Request/For a limited time*

Body Wash 

with your choice of ...  1. Chamomile Dream - African Black Soap, tea tree, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, on guard, and frankincense essential oils, vitamin e oil (natural preservative) 2. Luscious Lav-Nilla - Castile liquid soap, coconut oil, vitamin e oil (natural preservative), purified water, lavender essential oil, and vanilla extract  or 3. Chamo-Honey - Castile liquid soap, honey, vitamin e oil, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and tea tree essential oils ... all in a 16oz blue glass reusable bottle that comes with fitted pump top.

*(disclaimer: glass is fragile and breakable. Please use proper caution when using this product. We are not responsible for customer damage or injury)*

*product pictures will be added at as we go, you can see them on Fb or Insta in the meantime.*

**the shelf life of our products are generally 8-12 months when stored/used properly**


  We welcome feedback and will do what we can to work with you on any issues that may arise... Enjoy Love.

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